Claudia, I dislike Cinema Sins because it lacks Sincerity. In an effort to fit its own form as well as stay relevant, it sacrificed its original motivation. Watch this review of Suicide Squad- it's much longer (35min), but it is a sincere exploration of the problems. It pursues problems so that they can be understood and perhaps avoided, not just for the glamor of the kill. You accused me of not liking snark.The truth is that I don't like snark for its own sake. I want to evoke Deadpool's tirade about Negasonic Teenage Warhead's detached, self serving cynicism and have Cinema Sins confess that I 'got them in a box here'. That box they're in is Cinema Sins' format. It can only see the world through sins, and after a short while the whole thing loses perspective. These are not the problems with this movie, these are the easiest parts of the movie for CS to warp until they satisfy some twisted desire to view anything as a sin. What I want are people like Belated Media, who desperately and sincerely want to view everything as good, but have difficulty doing so because of this or that flaw. Cinema Sins accomplishes this whenever they break form, like Alice Through the Looking Glass. The difference is CS wants to do this thing, but can't, because this scene was SO bad. THAT'S what a sin is. All the other stuff is looking for something that could be a sin, but this is a scene that can't be anything but a sin.