Hello and welcome to #Adventures in Pardem To join tonight's session, use this link! Game's over, folks. ---- #How to Play As either refresher or quick introduction: We are playing a role playing game, D&D5e. It's an interactive story told over a series of encounters in which I tell you about your surroundings and ask you what you do. Anything difficult gets a "Difficulty Check" (DC), which is a number you have to roll over. Example, You try to... Cook a Puttanesca sauce, the DC is 12. That might be higher with bad cooking equipment, or lower with prepared ingredients. You roll a 1d20; * 20 is the best food you've ever had * 12 is recognizable and not that bad * 11 is not at all tasty and will be sent back * 1 might make the eater physically ill 10 is the DC for things the average person could do, but some things require both luck AND modifiers. For example, if you are proficient with a saucepan, you might have a +2 to your roll. Relevant abilities or skills, like being wise enough to have basic cooking experience or studying under a chef for many years, will offer bonuses. These would let you make a 24 DC dragon and puffer fish souffle- if you're lucky. Combat encounters are similar, but the DCs are based on whatever you're trying to hit. If a goblin breaks into the kitchen, your familiarity with the saucepan will give you +2 to hit him. But the goblin's shield might offer him +3 to dodge you. Assuming you do hit, the damage is calculated separately. You might also try non-combative but still interpersonal actions; like sneaking by someone. For actions like these, both you and the thing you're sneaking around will roll. A blind, deaf, distracted chef will have negative modifiers and probably roll very low, and as long as you roll over that you successfully sneak by. Remember this: There is no winning, and there is no losing. This a story we're telling together, so the effort you put in should be toward understanding your character. Star Wars would not have been a better story if Luke never failed or had difficulty. ------ With that out of the way, let's meet your... #Characters ##Orcsama Sensei Amaurys' Half-Orc Acolyte Rogue Being naturally of feeble mind, Orcsama was the perfect target for Me'Lark to call out to. Me'Lark, once a powerful Monk, was imprisoned in steel ages ago by a terrible dark wizard. Designed as a punishment, his prison has the important and unfortunate side effect of making Me'Lark immortal. Testing the limits of his ethics, Me'Lark's only choice for interacting with the world around him is mental influence over whomever is holding him. It'd be far too dark for Me'Lark to overpower a host, though he absolutely could. Instead he acts as an unseen influence over beings which have accepted him. Me'Lark wants nothing more than an end to the torment of his rather drab life as a sword, but feels responsible for the well being of his hosts. For lifetimes, the deal has been for Me'Lark to keep his wielder safe, considerably improving their abilities, in exchange for the promise of Me'Lark's own destruction. Some how or another, though, the hosts keep dying before fulfilling their part of the bargain- much to Me'Lark's discontent. While Orcsama is strong and Me'Lark quite wise and fast, neither are particularly charming. For people who don't quite understand what's going on in his head, Orcsama seems irritatingly inconsistent and appears to be talking to someone who isn't there. That irritability has led Orcsama to shy away from strangers. All that time alone, together, has enabled Me'Lark to teach Orcsama the ways of the Ninja- restraining his natural brute strength for agility and awareness. Should the two be separated somehow, neither is quite sure Orcsama would be terribly effective on his own, since Me'Lark has been a 24/7 second pair of eyes for years now. ##Helvetica Nicky's Half-Elf Cleric Born a mixed breed and missing a clear path in life, Helvetica turned to the church, specifically in worshiping the Goddess Yondalla. Yondalla is the halfling goddess of fertility and protection, worshiped by those who appreciate the beauty found in all life. This is particularly appealing to half-breeds, for whom conception can be particularly hard, if not altogether impossible, given their often unique genetic profile. Sworn to serve Yondalla, Helvetica has trained in healing, medicinal, and protective arts. She defends all sentient life as a matter of faith, and hopes that her contributions will be seen favorably by the All-Mother Yondalla. ##Dragneel Jenny's Dragonborn Druid Having borne witness to some of natures most beautiful and magical feats, Dragneel has pursued the appreciation of all life. Often unappreciated himself for his reptilian heritage, Dragneel is wary around new smoothskins, and is always wondering if things might not be better for him had he been born different. While he carries the traditions and magicks that predate The Divine, Dragneel sometimes enjoys worshiping at a nearby halfling church (even if they do belong to The Devout). During his time there, Dragneel was convinced by elders to be sent to Dargem along with their Cleric, Helvetica. The elders are quite confident whatever is coming will pass them over (Halflings are excellent hiders), but worry about the protection of life elsewhere. ##Kalanthaleighsa Kaleigh's High Elf Paladin Kalanthaleighsa (AKA Kaylee) was chosen by the Sun god Pholtus to be trained in the old ways and deliver Law to beings of lesser faith. The birthmarks which adorn both hands identify her as a gift from the Sun, sent here to deliver us from Evil. Unfortunately, Evil has this bad habit of not wanting to go. Kaylee has some tools that might help with that. Whether she's bringing down a battleaxe or summoning a divine blade, enemies of Pholtus ought to beware. Sworn to protect this region, Kaylee has spent the last decade seeking out injustice and righting wrongs, a Holy Avenger if there ever was one. ##Lael Bryn Claudia's Elf Fighter Lael was there 400 years ago at the height of Heathen culture. Every bar had a brawling pit and there was no shame in bearing bruises and scars earned in the art of martial combat. Sometimes you just need to punch something, but that's been getting tougher and tougher to do while living alongside humans who think laws ought to be wildly different every century or so.