Just about every time I try to update you, Ghost

You give me trouble. But I'm getting better.

UPDATE: Backing up images got a little easier.

This time I backed up the text files by going to the labs page and using the export feature. I also had to back up and restore the images separately;

scp /var/www/ghost/content/images crow@offsite:

The good news is, after getting the usual 502 Bad Gateway error, I used the Digital Ocean Rebuild feature and, luckily, I could rebuild to the version I was trying to upgrade to.

Unfortunately, this does mean I had to destroy the old server, invalidating keys and whatnot. That means I have to use useradd crow and follow the interactive prompt, and I shouldn't forget to use visudo as well, to add crow to the sudoers file.

Then, it's as simple as recovering the image backups, creating a new ghost user, and using that ghost user to import the json file we made at the start.

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