First Mate: Kevin Sindhu

Born and raised on the Indus, Kevin has passed from captain to captain. His parents were killed 7... no, 8 captains ago. As far as he's concerned, the ship is his home. Even if it occurred to him to take command of the ship, he wouldn't have any idea what to do with it. He's a simple boy, who has everything he wants.

Quartermaster: Edward Tackle

"Listen if you think you can run this ship without me... You're probably right. I hope you don't though, it's a nice job and I just got everything stowed hows I likes".

With a stubbly shaved head and jorts that hold on for dear life, Edward is comfortable as can be in the cargo hold. He's worked on exciting ships before, and much prefers boring ones. Anything you can do to keep the journey boring is a point in his book.

Cookie is perpetually 3 steps away from automating his job. In fact, most of his work is spent fixing the tools that actually do the cooking; Re-calibrating the Auto-Wok, greasing the conveyor belts, sharpening the mincer. Some day he won't need to do anything but pull a single lever, but that day's not here yet.

Repairman: Grut Wyrm

The Indus is lucky enough to have a Treant aboard. Rather than nail or bind planks and timber, he simply joins with the dead wood of the ship, grows to the dimensions of the new design, and snaps the limb free. He spends most of his time embedded in the mast- It's a truly remarkable piece of wood and he's never need to repair it. Just feels... Right, right?


Docking, loading, unloading- These sorts of things need as much skill as they do raw strength. The Stevedores find the right configuration of ropes and pulleys (and FAST), then direct the Deck Hands to heave or to hoe as necessary.

Steve Vein

Dora Vein

Deck Hands

Morty Shtun

Morty keeps a keen eye from the Crow's Nest. One keen eye exactly.

Brito Plunge

Strictly speaking, being a Deck Hand is about pulling ropes and moving crates and such, but what Brito really lives for is fighting off invaders.

Frank Pawl

Gnomes aren't known for their strength, and Deck Hands are. To split the difference, Frank carries around magical blocks and tackles, making levers out of any and everything. His hoisting work often seems like magic- And, in fact, it is magic, just not the kind you're thinking of.