Welcome to CakePHP 4.5.3 Strawberry (🍓)

Please be aware that this page will not be shown if you turn off debug mode unless you replace templates/Pages/home.php with your own version.


  • Your version of PHP is 7.4.0 or higher (detected 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.14).
  • Your version of PHP has the mbstring extension loaded.
  • Your version of PHP has the openssl extension loaded.
  • Your version of PHP has the intl extension loaded.


  • Your tmp directory is writable.
  • Your logs directory is writable.
  • The Cake\Cache\Engine\FileEngine is being used for core caching. To change the config edit config/app.php


  • CakePHP is able to connect to the database.


  • DebugKit is loaded.
  • There are configuration problems present which need to be fixed:
    Try adding your current top level domain to the DebugKit.safeTld config and reload.